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mercredi 30 juillet 2008


Down to Erf - Learn to Earn

A former member of the soulful Hip-Hop crew named Down to Erf, Mathematik's background embraces almost all the fundamental aspects of hip hop culture. He started out as a dancer in grade 4, evolved as a lyricist, learned to DJ and inspires his audience listen closely to hear his lessons. Pure Math is more than simple equations, it is a philosophy, a language and a perspective based on diverse elements that, when mixed by genius, invites its students and followers to step up their game.

This hip hop pioneer returns as architect of beats and poet who¹s got extraordinary rhythm and flow to continue his trajectory of revolutionary hip hop sound. His tracks throughout the album are reminiscent of the tri-part approach consistent with his past work: words that inform the mind, beats that move the body and a narrative that speaks to the soul.

Down to Erf - Learn to Earn

" Add with that, the solid production and the multiple eye winks to the old school and the whole crate digging culture ! "

... But now I learned to earn cos I'm righteous ... [Rakim Allah]

Peace Y'all Hope you enjoy that shit ... Tight !

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