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lundi 24 novembre 2008

LORD FINESSE - Rare Selection EP VOL. 2

Lord Finesse - Rare Selection EP vol. 2 '08

Lord Finesse - Rare Selection EP vol. 2

The second volume from the Funky Technician is a damn piece !! but let's get back to some recent albums .. I don't know if you have heard the last DITC which is called "The Movement" to speak true that album (unfortunately) sucks !

:: 1st of all I was totally disappointed by the NY's Finest made by the Soul Bro' so I was still waiting for the next D.I.T.C. and when it was released ... oh shit ! 45 sec after listening briefly all the tracks this album was going straight to the garbage .. Oh yeah, i'm dead serious son! I don't know what happened to veterans Hip-hop producers like Lord Finesse and others producers like the Double D (Huge Hefner) & Pete Rock ? althought Pete's treatment has some good points ... only Preemo keeps providing dope beats and stay steady.

The Ups and Downs ↓↑ :

The Ups ↑


& Downs ↓

:: 2nd surprise Lord Finesse has recently changed his name into "Finesse" okay ! maybe like Ali Shaheed Muhammad, I guess he's probably in this debate about saying or not saying "Peace God" and not using other words from the ghetto (5% rethorics) that seems to be a blasphemy (see notes from Ali / A.T.C.Q (peace god ?), or maybe he has simply cut short his name.

Anyway, back in the days DITC used to be so tight with those grimey samples & drumbreaks, 10 years after the last opus "Finesse" has replace all the lovely fat kicks/snares by some dumb claps with a poor production ?? ... no evolution in the drum and beat construction - here's sum shit on which you can meditate and knod ya head while waiting for the next "real" piece of the diggin' in the crates crew .

LORD FINESSEの未発表音源をVol. 2の2枚のEPにコンパイル!!!

01. Lord Finesse feat. AG - Fat For The 90’s (Demo Mix)
02. Grand Puba - Untitled
03. Lord Finesse feat. Shel-Rumble & Harry O - Show ‘em How We Do Things (First Session)
04. Big L - Principal Of The New School
05. Lord Finesse feat. Marquee - Awakenings Interlude
06. Lord Finesse - Awakenings Interlude (Instrumental)
07. Caron Wheeler - Soul Street (Funkyman Remix)
Produced by Lord Finesse

Lord Finesse - Rare Selection EP vol. 2

Label : N/A

Peace / Salaam

2 commentaires:

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

I 'm going to avoid listening to 'the movement'. I want finesse to stay in my heart as the ultimate fat-dirty-banging beatmaker. Thanx for your post.

26 décembre 2008 à 01:16  
Blogger hiphopfanatik a dit...

For sure ! You will not probably recognize his beat signature ... it's like Finesse is trying to make a beat for the very first time .. shit : o what happened to him ?!?

Peace and Happy Holidays

26 décembre 2008 à 11:31  

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