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mercredi 3 juin 2009


Diamond District - “In The Ruff” (Clean) LP 2009

In The Ruff is the highly anticipated debut album from new DC hip hopgroup “The Diamond District”, created by state veterans Oddisee, X.O.& YU. In The Ruff is the answer for any lover of hip hop who asks thequestion - “Where did that grimy East coast sound go?”


The group was founded by rapper/ producer Oddisee, who has a long listof production & collaboration credits with the likes of Freeway, TalibKweli, Siagon, Little Brother, Trek Life, Charles Hamilton, Jazzy Jeff, BuckShot, Royce the 5′9”, Nikki jean, Muhsinah, J-live, Lil Fame of MOP,Skyzoo and many more. Oddisee’s soulful, haunting samples over bass-heavy beat breaks create the perfect instrumentals for him, XO & YU tomatch with their street savvy, politically conscious lyrics.


In The Ruff is a raw mid-90’s Boom-Bap themed album for the DC state ofmind, destined to appeal to all lovers of hip hop’s golden era, managing totravel back in time and push the boundaries of DC Hip-Hopsimultaneously.

00 Intro
01 Streets Wont Let Me Chill
02 Who I Be
03 Back To Basics
04 I Mean Business
05 Get In Line
06 In The Ruff
07 The Shining (Produced by Dunc)
08 The District
09 Make It Clear
10 Off The Late Night (Produced by Slim kat 78)
11 Let Me Explain
12 First Time

The Album
Diamond District - “In The Ruff” LP (Clean) 2009

Or Grab it Here !

The Album
Diamond District - “In The Ruff” LP (Clean) 2009

Real Ish Boom Bap !!!

3 commentaires:

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

damn nice,thx for that bro! peace n bless from germany

3 août 2009 à 15:24  
Blogger hiphopfanatik a dit...

it's a pleasure !

4 août 2009 à 18:39  
Anonymous Mutuelle sante a dit...

Just discovered this great album. Thanks for sharing

15 mars 2011 à 09:51  

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