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lundi 25 juin 2007


Diamond D - The Hiatus 1997

Que dire de plus, à part que Diamond D confirme son statut de "Best Producer on the mic'" !
What more can I say ! to me Diamond D stay the "Best Producer on the mic'" ! (I can't forget Pete Rock too)

Diamond D:
Now, you might catch me at a party rhyming, talking shit on the mic
And sippin on some Bicardi Limon
That nigga Diamond, prone to shining cause I'm nice
I turn, men to mice walk around with the ice
On my necklace, in the 7, drivin reckless
Hon-ey you blew it if my CD ain't on your check list
See you should expect this so blow see it's the bro
Who gets the dough, on the low like Piss Capone
What you ain't know? Steady flow's my deposition
I bet you wishin you had it but you suffer from repetition

Enjoy, that video is a classic joint 4 real
*** in hi-quality *** (not a u-tube capture screen)

Diamond D - The Hiatus (video) grab it !!!

From the album : "Hatred, Passions And Infidelity"

lundi 18 juin 2007

A.G. - God Made Dirt b/w Flip Shit 12''

A.G. - God Made Dirt b/w Flip Shit feat. The Ghetto Dwellas 12'' 2001

Inutile de faire les présentations ...
Andre The Giant est un des meilleurs mc's dans mon top 5 (Rakim Allah, Jeru The Damaja, OC, Nas and AG) après pour le reste on peut toujours discuter, sinon pour info ce n'est qu'un avant goût d'une spéciale WILDLIFE

A1 God Made Dirt (Dirty)
A2 God Made Dirt (Clean)
A3 God Made Dirt (Instrumental)
Produced by Showbiz
G1 Flip Shit (Dirty)
G2 Flip Shit (Clean)
G3 Flip Shit (Instrumental)
Produced by Ahmed

Label : Fat Beats

jeudi 7 juin 2007

REDMAN & METHOD MAN - How High 12''

Redman And Method Man - How High 12'' 1995

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
It's the funk doctor spock smokin buddha on a train
HOW HIGH? So high that I can kiss the sky
HOW SICK? So sick that you can suck my d*ck ...

A1 How High (LP Version)
A2 How High (Remix Radio Edit)
B1 How High (Remix)
B2 How High (Instrumental)
B3 How High (Acapella)
Produced by Erick Sermon
How High 12'''

Label: Def Jam Recordings


sample (save as/right click)

Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly

Don't smoke but it's a classic joint !!! (sans vouloir faire de faux jeu de mots ...)

PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH - Never Coming Out EP

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Never Coming Out EP 1998

1'nce again I hit you wit' my favorite vault of the 90's : here's some exclusif tracks of tha Soul Brother # 1 and the Mecca Don ... enjoy

A1. One in a Million
A2. Death Becomes You (Philadelphia Cheese Mix)
A3. What's Next on the Menu (Featuring Grover Washington, Jnr.)
A4. It's Not a Game (Instrumental)

B1. Take You There (Foundation Mix)
B2. In the House
B3. In Motion (Instrumental)
B4. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) (Demo Mix Featuring Lil A)
Never Coming Out EP

Label : Elektra

mercredi 6 juin 2007

AFU RA feat MOP - Crossfire b/w Lyrical Monster 12''

AFU RA feat MOP - Crossfire b/w Lyrical Monster 12'' 2002

Crossfire - Front Cover - AFU RA feat MOP

Highly recommended ... produced by Preemo in the mythic D&D studio.

A1 Crossfire (Clean)
A2 Crossfire (Album)
A3 Crossfire (TV)
B1 Lyrical Monster (Clean)
B2 Lyrical Monster (Album)
B3 Lyrical Monster (Instrumental)
Crossfire b/w Lyrical Monster 12''

Label: D&D Records

vendredi 1 juin 2007

REDMAN - Tonight's da night 12''

Redman - Tonight's da night 12'' 1993

rare japanese press !!

The Funk Doctor Spoke hit us with a muddy and jazzy beat : classic !!!!! à faire tourner dans toutes les caisses all night long.
Un pur track avec Rah Digga qui pousse à l'excès M. Reggie Noble dans les 1ères mesures, sur un super sample de Isaac Hayes combiné des voix des soeurs Mary Jane au refrain. Un classic !! oui, je sais c'est la deuxième fois que je le dis mais on ne peut passer à côté de ce 12'' dans la catégorie des archives du MC de Brick City aux yeux aussi rouges que les lanternes d'Amsterdam.

A1 Tonight's Da Night (LP Version)
A2 Tonight's Da Night (Instrumental)
B1 I'm A Bad
B2 Rated "R"
Co-producer - Reggie Noble
Producer - Erick Sermon
Tonight's Da Night 12''

Label : Def Jam


sample (save as/right click)

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long


Isaac Hayes - A Few More Kisses To Go



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