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jeudi 31 janvier 2008


SHOW & A.G. - Live Hard LP 2008

Show & A.G., esteemed members of Diggin’ In The Crates, first gained notoriety in the early-to-mid ‘90s with two critically-acclaimed albums, Runaway Slave and Goodfellas. Fast forward to 2008, A.G. (AKA Andre the Giant) has been busy keeping his formidable rhyme skills intact, having released two independent solo joints and guest appearing on numerous D.I.T.C. releases. Show (formerly known as Showbiz) is no slouch either, having become a sought-after producer, lending his musical talents to other illustrious members of his crew as well as countless other rappers on the scene.

live hard
On Live Hard, Show & A.G. have regrouped after a ten year hiatus to bring listeners an EP chockfull of New York-style underground beats and rhymes. The songs on this album are squarely aimed at attracting the current generation of dedicated rap fans who might have been too young to remember the frenetic joy of "Soul Clap" or sonic beauty of "Next Level.” In addition to converting neophytes to the D.I.T.C. sound, it still serves to rekindle their ties with older Hip Hop heads, already in-the-know when it comes to the boom bap legacy of Show & A.G.

01. Business As Usual (Cuts By DJ Premier)
02. Can't Relate
03. The World is Listening
04. Running Man
05. Land of the Free Feat. OC
06. Live Hard
07. Magic
08. Business As Usual (Instrumental)
09. Can't Relate (Instrumental)
10. The World Is Listening (Instrumental)
11. Land of the Free (Intsrumental)
12. Live Hard (Instrumental)

Produced by Showbiz & E.Blaze
Live Hard

Label : N/A

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mardi 29 janvier 2008

D.I.T.C. - Rare and Unreleased LP

D.I.T.C. - Rare and Unreleased LP 2007


So let's start 2008 with some classic material shit ... You probably heard about the magnificient D.I.T.C crew "the one and only" now it's time for the WILDLIFE era.

01. D.I.T.C. Live
02. Day One (Diamond D)
03. You Know Now (Buckwild Remix)
04. Time To Get This Money (Ahmed)
05. Dignified Soldiers (Remix)
06. Bad Rep (Ahmed)
07. Best Behaviour (Ahmed)
08. D-Flow Dirt (Showbiz)
09. Deal With A Feeling (Showbiz)
10. Do Your Thing (Lord Finesse)
11. Drama (Lord Finesse)
12. Hold It Down (Showbiz)
13. I Flip Styles (Diamond D)
14. Spit (Showbiz)
15. That's That Shit (Ahmed)

Produced by DITC / WILDLIFE
Rare and Unreleased LP

Label : N/A

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